Algeria hosts Euromed Police at Afripol headquarters

This is a double activity that Euromed Police has just implemented at Afripol headquarters, where the experts from the countries associated to the project are meeting during three intense days.

The first part of the meeting (February 27th and 28th) focused on the development of a manual designed to facilitate police requests to internet service providers in the context of online terrorist investigations. This approach, undertaken in concert with Euromed Justice, responds to a crying need and sticks as closely as possible to the evolution of the terrorist threat. It is in this context that a first connection with representatives of service providers like Google and Facebook took place, giving rise to intense exchanges in an excellent working atmosphere.

The second part of the activity brought together the Euromed Police analysis network, currently involved in the production of the Euromed Threat Assessment (EMTA). This was a working meeting, supervised by the Euromed Police team, and enriched by the presence of Europol, which provides methodological support through the SOCTA team.

It should be noted that Europol’s participation in this meeting, hosted by its counterpart at the African level, is symbolic, in line with the rapprochement that Euromed Police intends to facilitate between the two continental police agencies.

The Council of the European Union was also involved, and the intervention of its representative St├ęphane Bonmarchand opened perspectives to the work of Euromed analysts. In a line of sight, the European Union’s Policy Cycle, which, in the long term, could consider EMTA as a source.

Finally, it should be noted that this double Euromed Police meeting took place in excellent conditions thanks to the consistent resources deployed by the host country. Euromed Police is very grateful to the General Directorate of Algerian National Security, whose welcome and organization allowed the experts to work in a studious and friendly atmosphere.