Euromed Police analysts meet in Rome to assess the threats affecting their countries

On the 16th and 17th May 2017, the Euromed Police IV project gathered its Analysis Network in Rome. This meeting was hosted by the Italian Ministry of Interior, which has been closely involved in the preparation of the exchanges through its International Cooperation Service.

Delegates from Egypt, France, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Palestine, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia and Italy were present in a constructive working atmosphere.

During two days of meeting, the so-called “ANASPOCs” (i.e. the national points of contact in charge of the analysis) exchanged on the basis of their “Threat Assessment”. They were supported in this tasks by operational experts specialised in the project’s priorities which namely include Terrorism, Cybercrime, irregular immigration supported by criminal networks and trafficking in human beings, and firearms trafficking.

The outcome of this sharing of analysis will feed the Euromed Police strategy, and will inspire tailored capacity building for the law enforcement forces of the partner countries.

In the margin of the meeting, Euromed Police facilitated different bilateral exchanges between the participating countries.