Euromed Police at the Special Meeting of the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee

On the 21st and 22nd June, Michel Quillé participated in the Special Meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee taking place in New York.

The Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) of the United Nations was established in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks of New York, with the objective to reinforce the ability of United Nations Member States to prevent terrorist acts both within their borders and across regions. The CTC is assisted by the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), which carries out the policy decisions of the Committee, conducts expert assessments of each Member State and facilitates counter-terrorism technical assistance to countries.

Michel Quillé was invited to take part in the technical consultations held by the CTED in the margin of this Special Meeting, within a working group dedicated to cross- regional international law enforcement cooperation.  The moderator of this session was Mr. Pierre Lapaque (UNODC), and also featured Ms. Cecile Plunet (Aircop) and Mr. Chris Howley (World Customs Organization) as panellists.

Their exchanges covered different topics, including the ways to develop and enhance participation in cross-regional platforms – a subject of special resonance for Euromed Police. The role of the analysis pillar of Euromed Police namely raised the interest of the audience, with questions being asked on its information management system. The role of the Europol, Interpol and the Cepol in the Euromed Police Project was also highlighted as a guarantee of sustainability.

Beyond the meeting in itself, the participation of the Team Leader prefigures a cooperation between Euromed Police, Euromed Justice and the UNCTED. In the coming weeks and months, this cooperation will bring its share of opportunities for joint actions in the field of counter-terrorism and internet.