Focus on the Euromed Police Strategy

The Euromed Strategy to Increase Citizen Security was officially endorsed during the 2nd Euromed Police High Level Meeting that took place in The Hague, at Europol HQ, on September 6-7 2017. If the full content of the document is of restricted access, Euromed Police nevertheless wishes to make available a summary of the Strategy.


Launched in February 2016, the fourth phase of Euromed Police aims at effectively increase citizen security across the Euro-Mediterranean area by strengthening cooperation between the so-called European Neighbourhood Instrument South Partner Countries, as well as with the EU Member States.

Yet, these efforts to strengthen strategic and operational cooperation within the region remains highly complex, due to variety of factors. Although the situation continues to be uncertain in some critical areas, interest in strengthening cooperation on common threats and objectives is persistently increasing. EU MS and ENI SPC have come to a common political understanding of the fact that citizen security is a critical foundation for economic and social development.

In the framework of Euromed Police, the partner countries have identified and endorsed the priority areas on which they will focus on to enhance strategic and operational exchange of information and build their capacities. These priority areas were endorsed in Malta, at the occasion of the 1st Euromed Police High Level Meeting in February 2017. They are composed of core priority areas – which includes terrorism, cybercrime, irregular migration supported by criminal networks and trafficking of human beings, firearms trafficking, and drug trafficking – and crosscutting subjects – such as document fraud, financial investigations, money laundering, border controls and criminal analysis.

The present Euromed Strategy to Increase Citizen Security is the fruit of a participatory approach, namely based on the contributions of the two Euromed Police Networks – Analysis and Capacity Building. This document constitutes a coordinated method to regional police cooperation within a defined set of priority crime areas of a transboundary nature jointly implemented by the Euromed Police Partners.

The Strategy is organised into several objectives linked to the here above-mentioned priority areas – but most importantly these objectives include sustainability and information sharing. In order to achieve their goals, Euromed Police partners have designed specific action plans for each area of priority.
A summary document of the strategy is available here: Euromed Police Strategy_Summary_EN