Interpol and Euromed Police lay down the basis of their cooperation

Lyon, Interpol HQ: On December 5, 2016, Mr. Michel QUILLE, Euromed Police Team Leader, and Mr. Carlos GARCIA, Capacity Building and Training Coordinator, met with Interpol’s Secretary General Mr. Jürgen STOCK to discuss about their future cooperation. Mr. Pascal ODUL was also taking part in the exchanges, representing the European Commission (DG NEAR).

Through this meeting, the Secretary General Jürgen STOCK ratified the interest of Interpol in collaborating with Euromed Police, as he stressed the importance of cooperating with entities such as the European Union, which allows Interpol the possibility of implementing the projects where the focus is needed.

Euromed Police experts presented the characteristics of the project, and suggested that given the experience of Interpol not only in the conduction of operational joint operations, but also in the capacity building area, experts from Interpol could contribute in the corresponding pillar of Euromed Police devoted to the training and capacity building.

The representatives of Interpol detailed the possible options that could be applicable to cooperate in the different fields of expertise, including actions that might enhance the use of Interpol databases in the Euromed Police partner countries.

Mr. Patrick STEVENS, Director of the Counter Terrorism at Interpol, indicated that Interpol has a new counter terrorism strategy, a field that Euromed police will address as one of the priority areas; this strategy is specifically focused in the Middle East and North African countries.

Picture: From left to right: Mr. Carlos GARCIA, Pascal ODUL, Jürgen STOCK, Michel QUILLE and Patrick STEVENS

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