Launching of the Euromed Knowledge Base

On 27 and 28 November 2018, Euromed Police held the 3rd Meeting of the Euromed Capacity Building Network in the premises of the National Police of The Netherlands in The Hague.

The high point of this meeting was the presentation of the Euromed Knowledge Base, a secured online database for the ongoing exchange of good practices and storage of knowledge. This tool is provided by Euromed Police and intended to be fed by the Capacity-Building Network’s points of contact in the South Partner Countries and Member States of the European Union (the so-called CAPA-spocs).

The Knowledge Base, hosted on CEPOL’s e-NET network, already contains a wide range of information resulting from past actions of the project. The training materials developed in the framework of Euromed Police activities and information on the identification of capacity needs are stored and shared on the platform, such as guidelines, manuals, best practices, presentation materials delivered during exchanges and capacity-building actions, as well as other documents elaborated by the Capacity Building Network or Euromed Police IV project team.

The presentation of the Knowledge Base was followed by a practical exercise whereby participants had the chance to navigate through the platform. Then, the CAPA-spocs have been invited to give their feedback on the tool and make suggestions for next Euromed Police activities. This meeting was characterized by lively discussion sessions whereby participants freely exchanged ideas among each other.

Over the long term, the Knowledge Base should facilitate the development of educational packages that may be used for subsequent training purposes aimed at law enforcement officers of Euromed Police partner countries. Access to the platform is restricted to law enforcement professionals from the Euromed countries (and from EU agencies) who shall participate or have already participated in one or more of the exchanges and capacity-building actions of Euromed Police IV.

It was also ambitioned that the platform would provide thematic forums for users to engage in strategic discussions on a continuous basis. As a result, also during the inter-meeting periods the CAPA-Spocs will be able to move the work forward on the identification of capacity-building needs in the Euromed region.