The Euromed Strategy for Increasing Citizen Security is endorsed

The Hague, 6th September 2017: High Level representatives from Euromed Partner Countries validated the Euromed Strategy for Increasing Citizen Security, giving the project a clear mandate to take actions in the field of terrorism, cybercrime and iregular immigration, amongst others.

The endorsement of the strategy is paving the way for capacity building actions in priority areas

This endorsement is the culmination of a participatory process which have seen all the Euromed Police Partner countries discussing on concrete action plans to strengthen police cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

During two days of meeting, 13 Euromed Police delegations, joined by several observing states, fruitfully exchanged in the framework of the European Police Chiefs Convention (EPCC) at Europol. This event also saw the participation of EU bodies (European Commission, European Council), law enforcement agencies (Europol, Interpol, Cepol) and other relevant actors from Euromed Justice or the UNODC.

“Beyond the symbolic dimension, gathering Euromed Police High Level Representatives in the framework of the EPCC offers opportunities for bilateral meetings between the participants. More than ever, Euromed Police is honoured to bridge law enforcement communities of the EU and the MENA region”, says Michel QuillĂ©, Team Leader of Euromed Police.

Algerian General Director of National Security, Major General Abdelghani Hamel meet Europol Executive Director Mr. Rob Wainwright

Euromed Police is now entering a very dynamic phase, with exchanges and actions to be performed between the partner countries for each priority area.