The overall objective of the Euromed Police IV project funded by the European Union is to increase the citizen security across the Euro-Mediterranean area through the strengthening of cooperation on security issues between the Southern Mediterranean partner countries, as well as between these countries and the Member States of the European Union.

The partner countries of the project are the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Israel, the Kingdom of Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Kingdom of Morocco, Palestine and the Republic of Tunisia.

The purposes of Euromed Police are the following :

  • Facilitate a coordinated approach to regional cooperation, based on well-identified priority areas and the formulation of a strategy for increasing citizen security, in alignment with the priorities established by the European Union focusing mainly on terrorism, facilitated illegal immigration and organised crime;
  • Strengthen strategic and operational cooperation between the countries of the Region as well as with the European Member States and Agencies, by enhancing the sharing and analysis of strategic criminal intelligence, and use of existing channels for exchanging operational criminal data in priority areas;
  • Provide capacity building in priority areas, based on the identification of needs and gaps and promote the sharing of existing expertise and good practices

This 4-year project targets the law enforcement agencies as a whole (police, gendarmerie, border guards and any other agency committed to a police mission). Euromed Police started in February 2016, and aims to establish a number of processes and mechanisms that will continue to function on completion of the project.