Intensive week of exchange for Euromed Police Experts

This week, the Euromed Police IV Project organised its second Exchange which took place in Madrid, Spain. For this activity, the fight against terrorism was the centre of the discussions. As such, this issue has been identified as one of the priority for Euromed Police, and it remains a key challenge for the governments on both shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The objective of the Euromed Police exchanges is to tackle each area in a holistic way, by gathering operational experts of the subject. All the aspects of a standard investigation have to be addressed so that participants can acquire an idea of all the parts and tools that intervene. The approach of these police exchanges aims at getting real contact with operational police officers, in order to grasp their daily work.

Throughout the week, outdoors and indoor activities were combined in a dynamic fashion. The Airport of Madrid Barajas was for instance the theatre of practical exercises on documents and passengers control, as well as border control. Among the other topics explored feature Internet investigations to terrorism financing, source handling, surveillance, etc. All these aspects were made very concrete through the presentation of tangible case studies that provoked lively reactions and opened the field for reflection.

Key speakers included representatives from Spain (Guardia Civil and National Police) and France (from the central Direction of Judicial Police – DCPJ – or from the National Counter-Terrorism Coordination Office).
In the background, the goal of this exchange was to learn and share the techniques and procedures of the hosting country and the rest of the Euromed Police participants. At the same time, it aims at giving the Euromed representatives the possibility to collect information that might be useful back in their origin countries relating to new procedures or investigation techniques, and share with the hosting country experts and the rest of participants all those procedures, activities or structures that proved to be fruitful in their own country.
The immediate result of this action is a direct contribution to the Euromed Knowledge base (integrated in CEPOL) in the form of guidelines for a counter terrorist investigation so that it can be applied for next capacity building actions in the Euromed South Partner countries.