The Euromed Police Project at the agenda of the “CIMO”

Marseille, 10 March 2017: Michel Quillé, Team Leader of the Euromed Police Project participated in the “CIMO”, which is the Conference of the Ministries of Interior of the Western Mediterranean Region.

Created in 1995, this conference gather every year the Ministries of Interior of Morocco, Algera, Libya, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Mauritania and Malta recently joined the initiative, which nowadays takes the form of a “5+5” dialogue.

The CIMO generates exchanges at different levels, including a meeting between the Heads of Police of the participating Countries. The conference of Marseille, hosted by France, was the third meeting of the Heads of Police organised in this framework. The discussions were this year focused on terrorism, the struggle against migrants smuggling networks, and the fight against organised crime, which naturally are common areas of concern for the participation countries.

Every meeting leads to a common declaration which set the basis for further police cooperation between the different countries involved.

Michel Quillé had the opportunity to present the Euromed Police Project, which features in the final declaration of the CIMO 2017.