Presentation of the EMTA's 1st draft

On the 27th and 28th of September, Euromed Police organised its 3rd High-Level Meeting in attendance of high-level delegations from South Partner Countries, European Delegations from the project’s Consortium and key partners of the project. The event took place at Europol headquarters in The Hague (Netherlands), alongside the 2018 European Police Chiefs Convention.

Euromed Police high-level meetings take place on a regular basis and allow strategic discussions on the evolution of priorities at higher levels of decision-making. It is also the opportunity to reflect on the project’s line of approach and evolution, including the sustainability of Euromed Police mechanisms. This 3rd edition was a major step for the project as the 1st draft of the EuroMed Threat Assessment (EMTA) was presented and discussed.

The EMTA will generate in-depth analysis of serious organized crime and terrorist activities in the Southern side of the Mediterranean, and identify needs and gaps in terms of intelligence. For the Euromed Countries, it will be a concrete tool for intelligence-led decision making to develop targeted and agile operational action plans based on the identification of the threats at the national, sub-regional or regional levels. The EMTA will also benefit to the EU Member States by providing the opportunity for joint actions based on shared interests between European and Euromed Countries. The presentation of the final version of the EMTA by the end of the year 2018 will be a key milestone for the Euromed Police project and a significant outcome for the security of the Mediterranean countries and the EU.

During the 1st part of the meeting, a series of high-level speakers and senior experts covered the strategic aspects of cooperation between the South Partners Countries and the EU, focusing on the added value of developing a joint threat assessment. Project partners, and among them the European Commission, Europol and CEPOL EU Agencies, expressed their firm support to Euromed Police.

During the 2nd part of the meeting, the first draft of the EMTA was explored in-depth, with a series of technical sessions on how to address the remaining gaps. Also, all participants took part in an interactive discussion on improving practical cooperation between Euromed Countries and the EU.

It emerged from the discussions a strong will to further invest in regional cooperation in the euro-Mediterranean area. The transnational nature of criminal activities around the Mediterranean remains a challenge for both the Southern and the Northern shores, which are more than ever dependant on each other for their security.

Euromed Police will continue implementing, developing and optimizing its mechanisms for sharing expertise and strategic information until the end of the project’s implementation phase in the course of the year 2020. The project’s partners are committed to continue fostering operational tools and knowledge that are immediately useful for law enforcement officers, on topics of interest for the South Partner Countries and in adaptation to the ever-changing criminal landscape.